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Swissmex Knapsack Sprayer

Swissmex SW503 Lightweight Plastic Knapsack Sprayer

For high-pressure applications without strain: the “SW503” will not be beaten.

• By combining a piston with a protective diaphragm, this patented high-pressure
version of the best-selling SW501 piston knapsack is ideal for fungicides, glyphosate
and similar compounds which depend on extra-fine droplets for best penetration
and coverage.
• With pressures up to 12 bar it is the most versatile knapsack of them all.
• High-grade materials end all corrosion and reduce swelling, shrinking, warping or
dissolving of gaskets to the max.
• An extra-large filler port reduces risk of spillage.
• Piston seepage re-enters the tank to provide a degree of liquid agitation.
• The solid screw-on lid has a carrying handle, a lance holder, and a vent valve to
keep the operator from getting splashed in the neck.
• The pump handle folds up and away for safe transport and storage.
• The standard poly nozzle adjusts to variable spray patterns from a fine jet to a broad
misting cloud. Or use any commercial nozzle tips you like.
• Very low maintenance.
• Viton elastomers throughout
• A vast range of accessories and upgrades for any spraying job in agricultural spraying
• 15 litre Capacity
• Non-absorbent woven polyester 38mm wide carry straps
• 3/8-inch translucent hose
• 52cm Brass lance
• 4.9 kg dry weight

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